Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keeping Your Toddler Safe in the Home

According to, the top 10 danger points in the home are the stairs, doors, cleaning materials, electric sockets, furniture edges and furniture corners, overfilled playpens, fire, loose cables and cords, bath time and glass.

Because so much furniture in the home has sharp edging or corners, and are at the ideal height for young children to knock into, by simply fitting edge and corner guards you can increase the level of safety in your home. Corner and edge guards come in a variety of colours and are very easy to install.

Some common items of furniture you may wish to have edge or corner protectors on are:

Living rooms: TV unit, low level shelving, dining tablecoffee table, window sills and the fireplace.
Kitchen: Kitchen table, centre work area, cabinets, countertops, stove.
Bathroom: vanity cabinets, low level shelving.
Study: Desk, low level shelving, filing cabinets.
Bedroom: Headboard and footboard, dressing table, bedside units, low level shelving, chests, toy boxes
Entrance way: Storage units, small tables, low level shelving
Outside entertainment area: Brick or stone retaining walls, built-in fireplace, patio table, sharp corners on play equipment

Below are a few safety precautions, not taking much time, but keeping your little family safe in the home:

• Children should be supervised at all times.
• Keep floors free of toys and obstructions that can be tripped over.
• Always use a securely fitted safety harness in a pram, pushchair or highchair.
• Never leave babies unattended on raised surfaces.
• Do not place baby bouncers on raised surfaces.
• The use of baby-walkers and table-mounted high chairs is not recommended.
• Use corner guards or corner protectors on cabinets, coffee and dining tables, or any corner of furniture that does not have a rounded edge.

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