Thursday, August 26, 2010

When to Use Basement Waterproofing Products For Foundation Repairs

Basement waterproofing repairs constitute some of the most expensive professional services you can incur for your home. Every year, homeowners across the country shell out thousands of dollars to have basement waterproofing companies excavate around their foundation, repair footer drains, and service their basement walls. In many cases, however, you might be able to sidestep the high prices of professional contractors and do your own basement wall repair by purchasing a few inexpensive products.

The level of damage to your foundation walls has a lot to do with what kind of repair work you will need to have done. While many waterproofing companies offer free estimates on work, you can't always rely on them to tell whether you really need professional help or if you could just complete the work yourself.

The interior basement waterproofing products that you should consider for doing your own repair work include waterproofing sealant, paint and crack fillers. If your walls are showing a bit of dampness and small cracks, but you don't have the budget to pay for professional waterproofing, then a temporary fix can help.

Make sure that you seal all visible cracks using high-grade sealant, and clean the basement wall thoroughly before applying waterproofing paint. Make sure that the paint you choose also includes an anti-mildew and mold agent. While this will only fix your foundation walls on the inside and provides only a temporary fix, it will allow you to make your basement more livable and aesthetically pleasing.

One word of warning: these kind of damages definitely indicate a larger problem with your foundation drainage system, and you should call a professional contractor when your budget can afford the expense. Basement waterproofing products are only a temporary solution, but to really fix your foundation problems, you'll need the help of local professionals.

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