Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sprinkler and Irrigation Confusion - The Answer

Hydrogen Oxide or commonly known as water is a very essential element in growing plants. Every one has plants at their homes, even your lawn consists of grasses. Everywhere you go, plants are all but too important especially in agriculture. That is why it is important to know that just because they are all plants it doesn't mean that they need the the same amount of water. Some need just a sprinkle and some may need more. That's where Sprinkler system and Irrigation systems come in.

If you have or are planning to have a huge lawn on your front yard you'll probably be planting green grass on it. Well, it's just normal that this green lawn will need watering. Grass, also called graminoids, need only little amounts of water. The most recommended would be one and a half inches of water every week. Sprinklers makes use of pipes, to spray water evenly over the lawn area. This is why all golf courses use sprinklers because it can reach a large area that will surely be watered. Sprinklers will definitely keep your watering chores as easy as possible.

Early mornings are the best time of the day to water your lawns. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to get up early in the morning to water it. You can get those sprinkler timers that are readily available on the market. Purchase it, and set it the timer on for early mornings. In this way, even when you are away, your lawn would still look as green as it has ever been.

Those Sprinklers do well in watering your lawns, but for some plants in your garden it won't. This is because these sprinklers have limitations. As they spray the water, some of it evaporates in the air. And there is a possibility that it wont reach the root levels of some plants. Besides, some plants will need more than one and a half inches of water every week.

So what else can you use for your other plants? Well, irrigation systems is the answer. Irrigation systems are often the choice of gardeners, farmers and even great companies in agriculture. It works well especially in places where rainfall is a lot of times, an impossible dream. Irrigation systems have a lot of types but for gardening, the best system would be the drip irrigation system.

The drip irrigation system makes use of emmiters that ensures the uniformity of amount of water distributed to the plants. One of the reasons why this is the best choice for your garden is that it hinders the evaporation of water in the air. In turn, it would be a guarantee that the water will reach your plants' root levels. Also, drip irrigation system uses lesser amount of water compared to other irrigation systems.

Watering your lawn or your plants will surely not be a biggy for you, now that you have read about what watering system will be suitable for your desired area. We wish you, your lawn and your plants well--- well enough to grow your lawn and plants, the right way.

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