Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Can Your Business Use Awnings For, and What Are They?

An Awning is used as a temporary cover for an area to ensure that what is beneath is protected from the elements. The number of applications for these vary widely, with people using them as summer shelters, shelters for market stalls, Ferrari enclosures at race meets the list goes on. Awnings also come in a multitude of sizes, some simply cover a window on a house while others provide external space round the entirety of a house or building.

A good awnings manufacturer will be able to make an awning that matches exactly what you need so always shop around when purchasing one. To reduce the weight of these temporary structures large wooden posts and steel rods have been replaced by the better manufacturers by high grade 6061 T6 Aluminium extrusions. These frames are extremely light weight and very strong with it, designed to make erection a quick and straight forward thing.

Whereas a few years ago heavy canvas was still widely used this has mostly been superseded by PVC. The reason for this is that unless stored properly canvas has a real tendency to rot, it is also extremely heavy to put up and down once it is wet. PVC on the other hand has normally been treated against sunlight damage, has been treated against fungal growth and should be up to the European standards against fire. PVC can normally be bought in a multitude of colours and you can get your corporate branding placed on all of the panels so that the whole awning becomes a piece of marketing.

There are different systems to ensure that the awning stays in place from cord, elasticated bungee or threaded tensioners that attach securely to a fixed object. Not only can most walls be branded within an inch of there lives you can also choose to have walls that are see through, zipped or with a waist high divider. With the new aluminium frames comes a greater flexibility in how you partition yourself off from outside world and these external spaces can be fully double glazed with hung wooden flooring put in place.

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