Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swimming Pools - Refinish and Refresh

Refinishing the surface of your swimming pool is a great way to change the look of it. In today's market there are several materials and colors to choose from. A pool finish specialist can guide you on choosing the finish that will give you the look you want, and depending on your budget can offer a large selection of materials to choose from.

If your budget is very limited a basic plaster finish will update your pool and repair any cracks that might be present. The traditional white plaster finish has been used on all pools since the beginning of pools. It is durable, easy to apply and budget friendly. A good builder can apply a plaster finish that is as smooth to the touch as tile, or a more textured appearance it that is what you desire. When a plaster finish is properly applied, your pool will have that clean clear and slightly blue look that everyone is accustomed to seeing. Plaster does, however, have it's weaknesses. Algae finds plaster a very inviting surface to attach itself to. Chemicals and water will affect the surface after a period of time. With proper maintenance your plaster finish will give you years of service.

Plaster can also be colored; the basic composition will not change. By adding a wide variety of colors available, you can change the appearance of your pool very easily.

If you would like a more textured look pebbles or tile can be used. These materials can be designed in simple single dimensional and color designs or with some imagination, and a good designer, some very interesting mosaics can be created on your pool surfaces. Pebbles and tile surfaces are more resistant to algae growth and can be cleaned much easier. These surfaces can be scrubbed and because chemicals have little effect on the finish, algae and bacteria killing chemical can be used to keep any build up from occurring.

Fiberglass finishes are becoming more popular due to the ease of installation and durability. Fiberglass is not affected by chemicals as much as plaster is. A fiberglass liner can be prefabricated and just dropped into your pool. Although, the variations of color and designs are fewer than with other materials, you do not have to settle for plain white, unless that is what you want. Fiberglass is not as smooth to the touch as plaster, but it does give you a slightly textured appearance.

For a really budget friendly solution to refinishing your pool, a vinyl liner is a simple, and inexpensive alternative. Color variances are quite limited, and vinyl is not as durable as the other finishes, but a vinyl liner can be installed very quickly. The life span of a vinyl liner is around 10 years, but this gives you the opportunity to freshen up you pool much more often than with other more expensive finishes.

Simply giving your swimming pool a fresh new finish will add new life to your pool.

Remember, a qualified pool builder is invaluable when making decisions on changes to your pool's finish.

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