Friday, September 24, 2010

Benefits and employee involvement

Ask any counselor will tell you that the benefits and employee benefits are an important factor in employee engagement. Well, I'm not wrong, but are not exactly right.

Managers see the benefits as an important component to attract and retain employees. While this is true, the benefits actually very little impact on day to day involvement or commitment that employees have with the organization. Why the disconnect?

When it comes to recruitment and> Conservation of professionals, you probably already have their advantages and probably have their next job. The benefits are not a motivating factor. I'm just a part of their value proposition for the company with the compensation and benefits. Now, when it comes to hiring workers who do not have the benefits, which give an offering that includes a good benefits package on offer will make them jump.

Yes, the benefits certainly have a certain amount of attraction, butthey have a really motivational value? Ask the same benefits as consultants have worked so hard last week because of their health insurance and they laugh and say no. Unless you had an appointment with the doctor or receive an insurance EOB can not even think about their health insurance or any of its other benefits. Yes, as the driver of a commitment? It is not. While a necessary condition in many cases it is the reason why people work hard and remain committed to theirorganizations.

Now, do not remove the benefits of workers' and expect to continue to work quietly, they will not. human resource managers should continue to provide benefits for employees and managers basic to motivate their employees. The benefits are not a cure all. HR managers have more to work with line managers to identify and develop strategies to develop and retain the best talent.

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