Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Ideas on What You Can Do to Change Your Hilly Backyard Into a Usable Outdoor Living Space

Most homeowners like to make the most of their property whether it is inside or out. A lot of people are realizing how nice it is to enjoy the outside of your home too whether it is sitting on a front porch of an older home or sunbathing by a pool in the backyard. This article will specifically tackle the problem that some people have and that is what to do with a backyard that is on a hill and how to make the most of that space using Simi Valley landscapers and Simi Valley landscaping. A lot of people that have a home with a hillside in the back often just leave it in that state and never get to use that wonderful outside space.

There is no reason why you can't do a lot of different things with a sloped yard with the wonderful engineering of qualified landscapers that are out there today. The first step, obviously would be to research various landscaping companies that have done several projects on properties that are similar to yours and take a close look at their work. You would also follow up on references from some of their clients since there can be some problems with hilly ground such as sliding issues.

Once you have found a great company to work with they will give you all of the different options that may be possible with your property. A lot of people do not realize that they can put a pool in a backyard that is not completely flat. With a great deal of dirt and a significant amount of retaining walls, a pool can be put into a hillside property and be a great way to use that yard. This has been shown to be done frequently in California where a lot of the lots are small and are up on a hill or cliff.

Another great landscape design to be considered for a hilly yard could be a tiered patio or garden system. Using a variety of different tiers can be used for beautiful flower garden beds or even a small playground for your kids or a beautiful patio and eating area. Breaking up the hill into various sections using tiers can be a wonderful way to enjoy your backyard and not have to level off the entire part of it but rather work with the existing hill. If you have pets this would be a great way to designate a special area for them so they do not ruin the rest of the property and can have their own area as their own to play in or to relief themselves.

With the wonderful engineering that can be done using natural as well as engineered products, making tiers or retaining walls is now easier and better than ever before. You no longer have to buy a piece of property that is totally flat to have a pool, sport court or a beautiful patio complete with an outdoor kitchen.

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