Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slaves' Songs and Freedom

It may seem trivial and naive to suggest that we can use the codes that slaves in their Gospel songs to truly communicate. Unfortunately, these American blacks now believe the Gospels they used to their masters that they were happy and together with the slave driver. It may seem paranoid to suggest we are still slaves, even if we have a lot of goodies or three cars in the garage to have. The truth of our world civilization is not very civil. The wars we fight and limitsor trying to decide on the 'others' in a number of racist ideology that often includes real genocides. All religions are obviously trying not to know what God can not be from one place to another, differences and all life is part of it. They should start saying that all worship the same things and tell their followers that no one is better than anyone else.

This truth does not need the UN investigation of the events in Rwanda or what is happening in Darfur or Iraq and Irelandto let us know that the culprits, including the U.S. (NWO), the Anglican Catholic Church and their "brothers." This truth of Synarchy who sees the nations at war and espionage with each other, rather than leaving the average people the chance to share the technological potential gene therapy of life, the job of replacing nanotechnology, space colonization, and a lot of ways to get all the rich, without taking money away from anyone, it is unknown to the average person. The 'politicians sling mudtwo of the clubs themselves to run for the office of President of the United States, even though both are dedicated militarists who promise to protect the rights of the few against the rest of the world. These "fronts" for the interests of the business world that the long history of power, instead of wanting to share resources and productive without destroying nature to build need a thorough investigation. But people are confused and the media controlled by the same people who bought the media for the Fed (a private company of thieves), enterpower without any opportunity for people to choose new leaders. How can we sing a new tune? Can we at least have our slave masters (politicians and the media) to treat us with a little 'more respect and honesty? Consider the ingenuity shown by slaves and blacks in America as we begin to create community and harmony instead of war and hatred. This excerpt from a book titled Slavery and the creation of America deserves special attention, I think.

"The relationship between a slavedriver and the other slaves, in general, to the extent that it was willing or able to work around his master wants. A slave driver could also use its position to the detriment of the slaves, but did so at their own risk. Even if the slaves had little power and can exercise some collective power, had a driver who thought it was unfair to punish. A driver known to be brutal or unjust sentence itself can be found by his fellow slaves (Today's truth tellers among usdeal with the complaint it seems. Patriot Act II is not the only problem.) Who refused to join with him or even talk to him. other slaves to spread rumors about the competence of a director or his honesty to the house of the master, it undermines his authority, or could have had an accident. The driver's position forced him to maintain the balance of trust with the master who has the respect and cooperation of his fellow slaves. (11)

Clearly, the world of the slaves' was much more complicatedmost slave owners understood. The slave community supports its members as they dealt with the institution of slavery and human relationships within it. (This was a great family with children is provided by everyone and a real strong point is that the bosses are not as they fought against each other or screwed the slaves of indecent needs, neglecting their wives and relatives.) Under the power of the settlers, slaves were employed wit,imagination and creative use of information. They also have racial stereotypes whites' to their advantage whenever possible. Since it is generally believed that the slave connotation slaves' singing and contentment liabilities, the slaves used music to pass along messages, the pace of work to verify a suspected master to spawn, or comment on a thin person or a situation benefit or entertainment of fellow slaves. When the slaves sang 'rigmarole' roll for me. Thank God I did not ketch, 'the mostslaves understood the message of humor. Aimed at the slave patrols slaves, usually from poor white men not slaves, as 'roles chatter'.

This song was the story of slaves who escaped from the patrol with cunning and deceit. Steal a song urging slaves' out of Jesus "to alert listeners to an upcoming secret meeting, and" Swing Low Sweet Chariot, coming for to carry me home, "he said of the chance to save her from slavery. Other songs in search of freedomannounced 'People Get Ready, there's a train a comin', dark and thorny "path" or the story "of this vale of sorrow" brings "the fields of endless day." Old Testament stories of deliverance from slavery and the triumph of good over evil power, often provided the themes for the songs of slaves. The Walls of Jericho, Joshua was a surrogate for the chains of slavery. The message was subtle, but the words, musical inflection, intonation, tone, and told the story ofslave passion and determination to be free. "(12 and 13)

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