Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ponds and waterfalls, white water

We can not live without. Water is the source of life that's why we so strongly attracted. Maybe because we no longer than a couple of days without water, we want to have nearby. Most people want to live near or in the form of a stream, river, lake or sea.

Unfortunately, there are bodies of water sufficient to go around for everyone, even those who can afford to live in their neighborhood. The price of the beach hotel reflects the fact thatare scarce and in high demand. Even for those fortunate to have this good, there is a significant trade-offs and a good number of drawbacks.

Who would not want a pond on their property, or a flower and vegetable garden, or a beautiful orchard of oranges, apples, plums, peaches, lemons and avocados have? Maybe a fence with a horse or two. So much to think about a garden with more ocean properties. You're lucky if you have enough land to walk between thehouses!

We see now why water gardens with waterfalls and ponds are so popular. If your house to fetch water, bring water to your home!

Why is it so quiet, but exhilarating at the beach? And 'the sights and sounds of ocean waves, the smell of salt water? You may be surprised to discover that the true feelings of peace, relaxation, stress and anxiety release has little to do with the sight or sound or smell of the sea.Numerous studies have shown that water movement in the extra negative ions in the air brings with it. Breathe in the air has a super positive effect on our bodies. The ocean provides the greatest amount of negative ions across the water in motion.

Therefore, the most favorable effects on our mood, while drawing the largest crowd. For the same reason, the falls make this a pleasant and relaxing. You've probably noticed how the air smells wonderful and feels greatbefore, during and after the rain - negative ions again.

For a fraction of the cost of water or more for life, almost every house to enjoy the benefits of a waterfall and a pond in their backyard. Ranging from an intimate atmosphere in one of magnitude, is what the budget can bear. Almost anyone can own a part of the best that nature has to offer. There are many different types, shapes and sizes of the falls when rocks. Consequently, aPond design of your choice, no two ever look the same and provide a natural uniqueness of every homeowner.

Falls in koi ponds as possible, a stream, pool, spa or simply spread through a grate-covered rock in a reservoir underground, where it is pumped and recirculated. This type of garden pond design is ideal for those with small children, because it eliminates the need for a pond dangerous. It 'also perfect for someone with a very small garden orwho want little or no maintenance.

The soil removed to dig a pond can be used to make a hill or berm to create a high waterfall. A waterfall can go through a series of retaining walls on his way to a pond on the ground floor. Passing through instead of over the top, give the impression that the waterfall is still there and the retaining wall was subsequently built on both sides.

Not just a garden pondoffers style and charm to your home, like I'm part of the Discovery Channel. The inhabitants of the pond provide an inexhaustible and ever-changing entertainment and education. From the antics of a pair of acrobatic tortoises male lobsters, claws and gnashing contradictory about the price of a beautiful woman, every day is a new chapter in the life of your pool. Are you the type who would say: "I do not ever want to fish themselves!" And then finally ends with a numberalso giving them all names? I've seen it happen over and over again, since pond owners in person to the residents in their garden pond water, as if they were family members or pets.

At night, a well-designed garden pond is a whole new adventure, especially if you have recessed lighting. The overflow, splashing against the light to create a great symphony of light and sound. Dancing light reflected off the surrounding rocks, plants, fence or househypnotic and beautiful. Most people only experience this atmosphere in expensive hotels and resorts. Now you can experience the same in your garden ..

If you are thinking of a fountain as an investment in your property, I can add a few words of caution. On the road, you can save the pain, grief and aggravation of fish dirty, dark, green, smelly water, sick or dead birds, pond or waterfall leaks, or high maintenance and energy costs.

1. Take yourof time.

2. Plan it out.

3. Research the topic thoroughly.

4. Finding an expert. Several years of experience are important.

5. Make sure the practitioner is licensed and bequests.

6. Accept only concrete and steel reinforcement construction. Never use a pond liner. Proponents of the pond liner will argue that a 40 or 50 year warranty on the ship. Not true! It 's true only if your pond liner in the box go away. It would only work in a perfect world - whereno gophers, chipmunks, squirrels, rats, tree roots, sharp stones, pebbles or other such objects. Once you have a hole, it is impossible to find. Even a pin-hole will be for 5 liters of water a day to pass.

7. Do not use submersible pumps. They are inefficient and expensive to manage and difficult to maintain. Debris collects in them, which requires frequent cleaning. The submarines can leak oil that can kill the inhabitants of the pond or, worse, create a short circuit and shock.

8. U.S.a biological filter to help remove nitrates and nitrites from the water. (I recommend a Flushable pressure filter, no flow of gravity).

9. Install a skimmer for removing leaves and debris from the surface.

10. Using two anti-vortex drain on the bottom of the pond to the suction line and fish and turtles to avoid vortices sucked into the drain.

11. Make sure the pond is a minimum of three feet deep water temperature in the summer months and regulardiscourage herons and raccoons eat out.

12. Building caves and ledges to fish and turtles to hide inside

13. Install an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria that cause odors and kill germs, spores of the fish and algal green water.

14. Do not use a mechanical auto-fill valve, use only an electronic system such as water filling. - Does not stick or malfunction, and thus prevent overflow pond and dead fish for chlorine poisoning.

15. Use enoughaquatic plants in the pond and waterfall. They provide oxygen and food for the fish and serve as natural filters, using nitrogen in water.

16. Use a high efficiency, out-of-pond pump that saves energy. In the management of 24 hours a day, a bio-filter of high quality (as Aqua Ultra Violet) is a continuous flow of oxygenated water, the anaerobic bacteria need to receive life. The bacteria are essential for degradation of hydrocarbonsnitrates and nitrites in water.

17. Make sure you have good drainage around the pond and waterfall, so the runoff from rainstorms and not contaminate the pond, sludge, manure, pesticides, etc.

18. Learn basic maintenance pond. (An ounce of prevention is worth a [lake] healed.)

When I say "everyone should have a waterfall," I am not only promoting the passion of my life. Given how much fun a water garden and a cascade of dollars to givecubic foot of dollars per cubic foot, hour by hour, is your best buy for many long years, healthy and happy to come.

From my experience with hundreds of the pond owners in San Diego, I discovered that the money spent on a well-designed garden pond and waterfall will surely take pleasure in the longer term and joy than anything you've ever bought in your life.

Life is not really live without water.

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