Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Stomach Bloat With Tri-Creatine Malate

Tri-creatine malate has been set on a pedestal above previous creatine supplements. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is much more soluble than its close relatives. Part of the reason that they are hard to regulate well is because creatine is not water-soluble. Therefore creatine supplements are difficult to absorb and be transported to the muscles for available energy. The element that sets it apart from the rest of the pack is that it molecularly bonds malic acid and creatine to formulate this beneficial supplement.

Malic acid on its own is responsible for enhancing energy production availability to the muscles. Creatine is the imperative element that muscles thrive on in order to grow and strength train. These two added together in a molecularly bonded relationship not only provide the benefits of creatine but also is equipped with a grand delivery system. This system enables the bodybuilder to enjoy a more stable and competent bodybuilding supplement. Building muscle mass and increasing strength goals are met much more consistently using tri-creatine malate than traditional forms of creatine supplement.

The structure that is formed between the molecularly bonded malic acid and creatine is gently and effectively broken down within the body. This is taken orally and works its way to the stomach. It is here that the acid contents in the stomach begin to break down the structure. The creatine is released into the stomach walls and absorbed by the cells in order to reach the blood stream more quickly. The absorption rate of it is the most attractive aspect of this supplement. A fast absorption rate means that those necessary nutrients are taken where they need to be much faster than a slow absorption rate. The muscles that are being used to strength train and build muscle advance much more efficiently using tri-creatine malate than most other forms of creatine supplements.

Many creatine supplements give a common side effect of water retention. This is usually one of the biggest complaints among users. As supplements are taken, the cells draw the water in and retain it giving the bloated feeling and look to muscles. It is good to know that creatine monohydrate is the biggest water retention supplement because there is not a water molecule present in the structure of this supplement. That is where this is considerably different and likely the very reason it is a much more preferred product. Tri-creatine malate contains a water molecule in its structural make up and provides hydration to the muscles that is literally second to none. The hydration takes place within the muscle giving it the solid muscle instead of the bloated feel given by water retaining products.

It isn't only muscle cell bloating and water retention that is complained about. Stomach bloating is a common side effect from other forms of creatine. Tri-creatine malate removes the chances for stomach bloating also by elimination of processing taking place within the stomach. It provides the hydration within the muscles leaving out the stomach completely. The bulking effect that occurs while taking it occurs in the muscles such as the hydration process occurs thereby avoiding the stomach bloating effect entirely.

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