Friday, October 29, 2010

abdominal strength in athletes and non athletes

Twenty years ago, I hated any form of abdominal exercise to do. They were difficult, boring and just not fun. For the past two decades, however, as you can see in the picture above, I never lost one of my pre-bedtime sessions involving 300-400 sit-ups. No matter how tired they are and what time at night, keep the regime, because I know that is an essential part of maintaining the stability of the lower back and pelvis.

Why sit-ups are so important? The stabilization ofpelvis with pelvic abdominal exercises will give you more balanced and stable, as seen from the side. When you lift, bend or twist, the abdominals are one of the key structures to stabilize the pelvis. Since the basin is 3 dimensional, it should also be balanced as seen from the front and oblique views, but that's another article in itself with regard to the science and art of balancing the pelvis using various techniques chiropractic. Within months, it will go aheadthat subject.

To participate in extreme sports like mountain bike racing, triathlon, track high-speed running, kayaking and medium enterprises for long distance races on the road running, you must have at least 200-400 sit ups a day. If the pelvis / lower back is placed under extreme mechanical stress, the integrity of joints / ligaments / tendons / muscles determines whether you will be hurt. If the pelvis / lower back is stable and flexible, it is to live and survive the stormto participate in another extreme sport again and again. If the pelvis is unstable, any of a number of things can happen. The lumbosacral articulation can align and / or ligament can be sprained, the disc may bulge or rupture, joints, sacro-ILLIAC can subluxate or a combination of the above can be done has been disabled indefinitely.

For the past two decades, these are the conditions I have treated more than anything else. Handled more than8,000 patients and different conditions during my two decades in private practice has given me a lot of research data on why people get hurt and some things you can do to prevent or rehabilitate these conditions.

OK, so not extreme sports. Occasionally you will work in the garden or go for an occasional jog or bike, but most of the time your life is nothing extreme. You must have at least 100 abs a day. I'm starting to get your attention?Perform 10 sets of 10 to start until your stomach muscles start to adjust. 1 set of 100 is your ultimate goal. Once you reach 100 in one sitting, the lumbar and pelvic burdens and stresses that it is impossible ever heard. You want the weekend to install the retaining wall in the garden and return to work Monday with a sound? No problem. Do your sit-ups.

Some people do sit-ups for aesthetic reasons. It is true thatThere is nothing better than a six-pack. It goes far beyond cosmetic reasons, however. A package of six can prevent an "injury in the workplace, an athletic injury, lifting, that chest injury, changes course on car damage, raising the child injury, injury to dig, the plants have flowers, golf damage Tennis etc. These injuries are the causes of most injuries that I deal with on a daily basis.

There's really no excuse for not doing sit-ups. "I have no time"no excuses. It takes 300 seconds or 5 minutes to do 100 sit-ups. If you do not have 300 seconds for free in your life, you have a good look at your lifestyle and take 300 seconds for free somewhere. Perhaps those seconds could be used the first time you are in bed at night. This is when I do my last night.

I learned to love my 300-400 sit-ups every night. At first, I hated them, but now they are an integral part of my life. If it were not forthem, I would definitely treat my lower back suffered dozens of patients a day. Some patients with more than 400 pounds of weight would definitely check the integrity of my back and pelvis. Chiropractic is a very physical job. We are not doctors just give it a shot or give a pill or drink. Much emphasis is placed on our musculoskeletal system as we lift, turn, turn, flex and bend our bodies to deal with, products, probe, modify and manipulate variousstructures of patients with pain. Our goal is to relieve pain and correct the structural imbalances in the body. I have colleagues who can practice chiropractic is not because they are seriously injured as a result of weak abdominal exercises while continuing to treat patients large.

Sit-ups are not an exercise in fashion. They should be regarded as a positive lifestyle habits such as eating, breathing, walking, walking your dog.

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