Monday, October 11, 2010

What are geotextiles?

Geo-textile can be defined as "a fabric or synthetic material between the soil and a pipe, gabion or retaining wall, to act to improve water circulation and retard soil movement and as a blanket to add reinforcement and separation. " These are usually made of non-woven fabrics and knitted type of fabrics. Geo-textile also known as industrial textiles, fabrics, high-performance, Engineered textiles, technical textiles and industrial fabrics are specially designed andartificial structures, which are generally used in processes / services of non textile industries. These materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical performance and aesthetic and decorative.

These are generally made of woven, nonwoven and knitted type of fabrics. Geo-textiles are the largest group of geo-synthetics in terms of volume and used in geo-technical engineering, heavy construction, building and pavingconstruction, hydro-geology, environmental engineering. Technical textiles is the fastest growing branch of textile industries worldwide with bright prospects. Total sales in the world of technical textiles in 1995 was 42 billion dollars. It has been estimated at U.S. $ 72 billion in 2005 and is expected to reach 126 billion U.S. dollars U.S. in 2010. Asia is the largest producer and consumer of technical textiles.

Uses various types of geotextiles are as follows:

factual basis geotextile used for work on coastalwatercourses, dams, and in determining how Geocell

Non-woven geotextile is used for filtration, drainage, soil reinforcement between the stones or aggregate and in roads, railway works, erosion protection and separation. As filter material for dams, drainage system under coverings pile foundation, covered with bitumen and PVC skin traction s

A geo-textile bags, knitted or crocheted used to protect banks, etc. Dam warp knitted fabric of Kevlar yarns are used in automotive andmaritime applications.

E 'is also used with foundations, soil, rock, earth or other related materials, as an integral part of man made human design, structure or system.

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