Sunday, October 24, 2010

Precast concrete retaining wall

A wall of prefabricated concrete support materials are normally used to retain earth or something. E 'is also used to distribute agricultural buildings, such as a grain of sand or waste transfer stations to create storage.

concrete retaining walls have gained an advantage over concrete walls or in-situ walls and wood are very popular for civil engineering projects. They tend to be more efficient, easier to install and more environmentallycompared with other options. There are two main methods for the determination of the retaining wall in place, embedding them in a concrete floor, or, alternatively, using a ground mounting. The advantage of this solution is that the concrete retaining wall can be moved later.

One of the main things to consider when building a concrete retaining wall is the force with which the material is stored is an attempt to go ahead and slidethe force of gravity. This creates a lateral earth pressure behind the wall. Ground Press the wall pushes forward or overturn it if it does not look good. N. groundwater behind the wall is allowed to build the wall creates an additional pressure on the horizontal plane. This problem can be solved with the installation of adequate drainage holes in the wall. While it may be an unwanted burden, resulting in a draft of an engineer is very important and can be time and reduce costs down the line.

There are a number of products suitable for use as a wall of cement. The right product will depend on a number of factors including the preserved material, the height of the wall, the constraints of place and budget. A few products that are worth considering, concrete panels (vertically or horizontally are used), L-shaped support wall, the cradle of cement> Wall units. While material costs may seem expensive, taking into account the savings in terms of installation, often works as the preferred solution.

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