Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salt and Sand Storage

Salt and salt storage sheds have become increasingly important for the UK Highways Agency and local authorities. After one of the worst winter in 30 years, municipalities have to look at their storage and distribution.

2010 brought heavy snowfall in the United Kingdom and the towns being somewhat aware. Many common problems due to lack of availability and did not have the resources to deal with persistent snow showers. As a result, the governmentconcerned and has just published a report on the supply of salt and use in the United Kingdom. The idea of the report is to try and experience the considerable disturbance is not repeated in 2009/2010, the United Kingdom have another winter of heavy snowfall concerns.

Following the report of the Highways and municipalities will be forced to increase their ability to ensure an adequate supply of salt. This means extending the existing salt barn or erecting new buildings.

There are a number of options for the construction of salt stores and barns, but this article will focus on the use of precast concrete products. The structural properties of concrete, with its ability to withstand exposure to salt make it an ideal product. Besides this, the speed and ease of construction make it a very attractive proposal.

Some products may be considered, but the most popular tends to hold the pin down> Wall. It is an L-shaped device that is screwed to a plate. With the corner units are ideal for creating bays with heights up to 3.5 million euro. These modules are normally carried out by the salt shed to ensure that salt is kept away from the skin of a building (to minimize erosion).

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