Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garage Door Installation Basics

Anyone comfortable with ladders, drills, electric wiring and installation of a can opener with ease. In this article we review the steps necessary to perform a successful installation.

Step 1 - Once you have found your opener, your garage for a minute to inspect. Make sure that you will be able to supply all the parts where they should be removed and cleaned all the debris in the street.

Step 2 - Open the box that came in the opening and remove allparties. Make sure your opener, with all parts and instructions.

Step 3 - Set to the song and then grip one end in an engine.

Step 4 - The unit must be installed on the rail passengers. Once this is achieved the tensioner should be noted, first.

Step 5 - Attach the chain to the traveler, and wrap around the wheels to the engine. Then loop the chain around the idler, the traveler, creating aloop. Use a clip to attach the ends together.

Step 6 - Find the center of the ceiling and decide whether an assembly of Commissioners will be required for the header bracket. Header underwires solid support. If you have any questions, you can go that route.

Step 7 - The head should be mounted at the height specified by the manufacturer, so the group assembly can be confirmed.

Step 8 - The engine must then be raised above theand rails in place. Connect the device to the ceiling.

Step 9 - Once the device is locked, lift the door manually to make sure the unit is not to hinder the movement of the door. If you notice problems, increasing the power supply unit.

Step 10 - Attach the coupling to the traveler.

Step 11 - Attach in the middle of the door handle in the position indicated by the manual.

Step 12 - Confirm your control panel on a wall in the garage and let thethe wires to the motor. Connect the wires from the wall brackets, making sure not to Pierce.

Step 13 - Run the cable from the control diet.

Step 14 - If your opener is equipped with sensors install them according to the manual.

Step 15 - Verify your door! If all goes well, then congratulations are in order!

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