Wednesday, October 13, 2010

outdoor fire pits and a kitchen with a unique style

Living in an area which offers basic weather sunny and hot throughout the year, the patio and the garden is a big part of your living room. After a kitchen hand is only useful when most of your time spent outdoors. When the night grows cold, a fireplace adds warmth and comfort while enjoying the natural elements.

The choice of a design

New designs are created in the last ten years that the pool and patio to coordinate in a balanced whole scenenatural materials and durable climate of your property exterior. Depending on the configuration of your pool and terrace, various sized semi-closed structures are built to the unification of the existing green areas to maintain. independent party or extensions of the house to consider his ideas. If you're entertaining on a regular basis, long and thin tables may be included in the project, where guests can relax and enjoy good company.

All small courtyard

Tolimited space, a full kitchen is located directly outside the back door of your house may be the best solution. Using space, a space of just 8 'x 6' can drastically change the look of your patio and grill closed, refrigerator, cabinets and counter space for preparing meals to take. A ceiling fan in the head with light and air movement can add night lighting for cooking. A freestanding fire pit can be purchased in all shapes and sizes, ideal fora small corner with a few chairs and plants.

Enjoy nature and its Pool

terraces of stone and travertine flooring add elegance to the pool area and can be easily expanded to be included in the fleet and pergolas with stone columns with mixed mating. Wells to add a dramatic effect, especially when indirect lighting is used on steps and walls. The plants are important to bring nature inside your zone semi-closed and in line with the theme. A chimneywell in a housing to be enjoyed inside or outside walls. We recommend staying with the shape of your pool or design of your home and a unique design, a kitchen and a fireplace together as part of your home when you first moved in

Contact a Designer

on-site consultation is a must to achieve the desired results. Sometimes it is difficult to express in words what you want your outdoor paradise to say. A specialist in exterior landscapingand design your ideas and turn them into 2D or 3D view, positively sure that you speak the same language. Barbeques, fireplaces, and all functions are and give you the exact scene you can expect. You may need to see a number of suggestions to reach a decision and all the different varieties of stone, cabinets, fireplace and unique ideas for you plenty of time to mull over what is right for your taste.

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