Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Hillside Landscaping Tips for a healthy and beautiful garden

Hillside landscaping is considered one of the difficult routes through the landscape designer. The simple reason for this is the problem of soil erosion and the inability to retain water for
growth of healthy plants.

Before digging the possibility of creating a hill, I would like to bring to your attention a very important point that must not be forgotten. Unlike a normal ground floor of a steep hill or terrain, whether formed naturally must never be disturbed. L 'shape of the land thus formed due to accumulation of ground elements, such as soil, stones, or a combination of these is the best way that certain natural environments.

Always remember that the "nature" has its rules and the profound thought behind every detail, as human beings we must first learn to respect and attention to this information and help to coordinate or
in the ecological process of every kind of landscape. The real beauty and the success of any landscape workaccording to the cycle of natural growth. Of course we use our creative minds can certainly make beautiful hills. Here I am trying to give you three options.

Option # 1

Make terraces for ordinary reasons. The number of these terraces directly depend on the degree of slope. The plain country on different levels above ground, as is supported by retaining walls
built in stone. Diagram of water drops from thethe bottom of the wall supports must be made at the time of construction.

Option # 2

Instead of creating terraces, another option is the sloping ground to keep it as is and a "Rock Garden", on a slope to create. The main advantage of using this system is that the cost of construction
retaining wall is immediately reduced. The rocks used in rock garden rocks are generally used in the construction of the wall.

Since the rocks have aconsiderable "weight" basis without additional help is needed and keep the soil around them, preventing soil erosion. the remaining space around the rocks can be used for flowering plants, which completely cover the plant slope. This creates a large picture of rocks and flowers (hard and soft) of the landscape.

Option # 3

The third option is to create a small pocket trenches of large trees at regular intervals horizontally and vertically. bagtrenches are nothing more than ordinary terraces (similar to option # 1), but not for
the entire length of the slope. The trenches should be laid down pocket, which is enough for a tree in place, even if the tree grows in the future. The roots of these trees will eventually grow in all directions that the soil in place and the trenches will work together to plain water seepage in the inner parts of the slope.

The rest of the track can be used creatively with theof rock above the garden of ideas with a combination of hard and soft landscaping.

I hope these ideas will contribute to the development of a spark of imagination in your mind and you will be able to develop further ideas about the landscape on a hill.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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