Friday, November 5, 2010

As for the repair of concrete work at home

Concrete is generally weak in tension but very strong in compression. This makes taking the pressure forces or loads such as steel is added to that used for the maintenance of walls and columns. For concrete with a tensile strength from it, is bound with reinforcements. This is usually in beams and plates. After pouring the ', actual damage or defects may occur. This could combs, bending or leakage of water. These deficiencies can be corrected and passed the concrete.

L 'repair of concrete work to be done in dry weather, if possible. This makes the work dry and obtain the necessary strength. After the correction has been made, must be continually cared for at least a week. If the deficiencies are listed as cracks in the concrete structural engineer to testify. The manufacturer should assess the cracks and give advice. Repairs to concrete defects generally can be done at home.

After the repair of concrete,provide the necessary material. It's gravel, cement and sand. The reason why we use fragments of size relative to the ballast or coarse aggregate. They may be able to work in small holes as defects tires honeycomb. The sand used in concrete structures that are not structural. The comb honey is the most common defect. It is concrete with air pockets visible on the surface after the merger.

Concrete is made completely remove the loosematerials. The cavity is formed entirely softened. After this, his stone mixed with cement to form a good consistency. This paste is then applied to areas outside the rake. This is done in layers until the void is filled. Once filled, a floating wood is used to adjust the shape of the existing terrain. This is then aged for at least a week and then the final corrected is applied to the concrete surface.

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