Monday, November 29, 2010

Design of a small backyard Oblique

Garden sloping down to the house of its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of having a garden can be anything that can be displayed. It has some disadvantages as well, the two are important: if the slope is steep enough, the house seems to be dark, and the second disadvantage can be draining when water accumulates on the bottom near the house and can cause problems moisture. But the runway in these drawings is not very steep, so does not take much to take account of these disadvantages. Formed with the floor sloping away from the house, and a form of remediation at the foot of the stairs. The circular area of the floor can be done in different ways. other than the rim area can be shaded in winter and the stones are smooth and slippery pavement. The screws in one of the corners will help to reduce the area of baldness.

The height of the> Retaining walls (eg brick or stone) should be kept around. The ground floor near the steps handle the height of the retaining walls. Some fill with soil may be needed. Make sure the systems on the walls are too high not to obstruct the view.

A retaining wall at a low level is used for the area for the seat and pergola. Even on a corner opposite the small shed or gazebo is covered inexactly the same way. The slope between the two boundaries should be back gate to the lawn and the lawn will slope down to the steps. The structure is used as an arbor to be of a heavy material, so that it will support a number of climbing plants such as honeysuckle and clematis. If you prefer to enjoy the sun, you can choose between the arbor.

Since there is no room for the plants bushy, climbing used to select all ports. To avoid possible damage to plants,pergola used wood, pressure treated and stained. There are different forms of pergola can be used, such as hexagonal or octagonal. But first of these projects is needed chair under a canopy of regular earlier in the shade to have a comfortable seat. These designs are not suitable for those who love the sun a lot.

If you design a garden for a hobby the family, there are some changes you can make in your garden accordingly. You can use a highgood quality grass lawn. You can replace the cash with pergola and seating. And instead of shrubs, you can grow large amounts of annual grasses and flowers in your garden. In the case of alkaline soil, pots and compost, acid baths may be used for acidophilic plants such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and Pieris, and more growth.

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