Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do you build a pond with Koi

The first is the location. Avoid building under the large trees, this will reduce the cleaning in the winter months. garden ponds tend to look more natural which is located at the lowest point in your garden or yard. The pond should be deep enough for life throughout the year especially when the temperature drops below freezing. An area of approximately 1 / 3 of the general basis that are at least 4 - 5 "deep, too shallow, as is required for 2.

There are two ways to build a koi pond.You can dig into the area and goal line with a coating of tin, or you can re-excavate the pond area and apply a fiberglass shell.

When you choose to use a line, you will need to remove all the tiles are carefully removed and a protective layer of sand placed on soil protection. Discarded old carpet on the side can also act as a buffer to protect the great liner. At the time of the coating always remember to leave at least 18 "overlap all around,This will be held in place with two ornamental coping stones or plates.

This simple formula calculates the extent of liner required:

Take the length + twice the maximum depth of + 36 "

Take two times the maximum width + depth + 36 ".

When you install the help of at least two other people care as is necessary, extend the liner and place into the hole. A person will be given in bare feet to push the sleeve in an upright position and the tail folds. Begin fillingthe pond, the sight of aides equal distances around the pond to pull the film in place. If you are satisfied with the cover is uniformly continues to fill the pond.

Periodical incisions can be made by the overlap between stone ornament company to plant some plants and the height is over the ground floor. cover in excess can then be cut away after placing the stones in situ participation. There is nothing wrong with the construction of a retaining wall, ishave increased the pool or you are building on an existing concrete. Just make sure the wall is strong enough for the water to keep the weight (in case of doubt consult the manufacturer).

Using a preformed fiberglass pond will be placed firmly on the ground and dug in the area over the ground. Place the mold upside down and mark the area to be excavated so that approximately a further 6 "around the tank to maneuver into place. As for the coating wasrecommend placing a layer of sand on the bottom still act as a buffer. Back and fill the gaps left after the pond as mounted on a support frame suitable for protection.

Once the main pool area is complete, you must calculate the amount of water held back by a filtering system and know the size of the pump. Fiberglass swimming pools must be provided with this information. If you still build the pond, you expect a bit '.

Thissimple formula that calculates the amount of water in the pond:

Imperial Gallons

Length x width x average depth x 6.24 = volume in Imperial Gallons


Length x width x average depth x 1000 = volume in liters

U.S. Gallons

Length x width x average depth x 7.5 = volume in U. Galloni S.

Once you know the size of your pond, this info file in a safe place as always, in the future should you add any treatment for the water you needinformation.

You will now be able to purchase a pond pump and filtration system that will be corrected for the size of yours. All good festival will see various products according to your needs and budget.

One of the main points to make here is OK so far, the pump, filtering system and your pond up and running, but as most koi keepers will tell you that it is vital for good water quality. I would recommend any fish placed in the pondfor at least 4 weeks, this will allow the filter to mature and to solve the water. After this time starting with the introduction of only a few very small koi and keep a very close eye on their health for a couple of weeks. Not a bad idea to buy a kit for testing water, and regular sampling and testing to ensure that water is good.

I was once told, do not keep or care for fish, but we are holding water. This right and you have Happy HealthyKoi.

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