Thursday, November 4, 2010

7 Tips for Gardens close - in terms of South Africa

1. Avoid lawn if there is no room for, or if the area is too shady. Pavement, gravel or other hard surface seems infinitely more elegant than a trampled grass - a narrow strip of grass will inevitably be worn.

2. Bright colors and warm wishes, such as yellow, orange and red, used at the bottom of a small garden space seems to shrink, and can help to balance the length of the property. A pale, cool colors such as blue, pink and purple at the bottom of the gardenseem to move away.

3. You do not have every plant on the border. An attractive wall or screen can serve as background for a feature and you can extend the limit too much the opposite. Hide an ugly wall or fence with decorative screws.

4. If you open, use a model of flooring that is perpendicular to the length of the property. Sidewalk that runs parallel to the boundary with time to exaggerate the length of the property.

5. Preventing bed skinnyperformed in strips of the walls. Mark the bed at some point. If the area is very narrow and there is no room for beds, they treat it more like a patio. Pave it or lay gravel, planted some pots, and add a bench or a sculpture as a central point.

6. Built-in session may work in a limited area. You might consider a raised bed along one edge and make the top of the retaining wall is wide enough to use as a chair. To notethe normal walls (including walls) are not strong enough to act as retaining walls. Ask a qualified manufacturer for advice.

7. A focal point of the case, the narrow end of your garden is essential. It 's the destination of the trip has created visual and deceived people. If you are not a destination, the journey is meaningless.

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  1. This is very interesting.Spending time in Bookstores going over magazines and going online for ideas can help you decide just what you want in your new garden.