Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Home Inspection Tip

Buying a home? Here is a bit of home inspection: Better control of water. And I'm not talking about water and sanitation. I'm talking about the type of water is suppose to be out, and ends up inside. A look at the layout and construction of the roof gives you a better idea of the probability you will end up with water. Personally I think the layout of the yard is more important than any other part of the potential water problems. There are many houses builttoday with a courtyard with a slope at the top. Normally you see a sort of retaining wall, and there is also a French drain to help with the water, but why take the risk. If there is a hill up to your home, this means that the flow of water in your home. Is it useful?

My last house was exactly like that. And one winter, we paid for it. The flow of natural drainage off the hill in the exhaust system, Frencharound the retaining wall and down the backyards of all the others. Well, it snowed the day before about 18-24 cm. The next day it started to rain, and was in the 40s and the snow began to melt. And 'melted quickly, all the snow in the hills flooded the retaining wall. Our French drains were clogged with snow, and show / mud mixture was not letting the water drain the normal path. All just a backup. The lower part of my housewas on a plate, so once the water was more than 2-3 inches deep, has come home. Talk about a nightmare. We finally got everything fixed back up, but it was always a concern every time afterwards.

Another concern is obviously the roof. You need a good home inspector to inspect the roof. This will save you many headaches in the long term. Make sure at least 5 years on shingles. If they start to split, crack and collapse, they should bereplaced. Do the sellers get a roof inspector and certified to be free from defects. It will only cost homeowners about $ 125. If they need to solve the problem, you can repair it or give a credit toward the adoption of the roof. But make sure that there will be problems.

Always check the corners of the roof and an adjacent area where the roof may overlap. These are good places for water to penetrate inside, and begin to cause harm. I also had a problem once we had the wrong typethe roof installed. Our home inspector never got when we bought the house, but the home inspector when we sold. The angle on the roof was not sufficient to support an asphalt shingle. It should have a type of roof tarp. I like this new? We finally fixed that too.

A good inspector can help with all these problems. Remember, the courtyard and the roof deserve special attention. A lot of things at home are cosmetic and can be determined. Remember this houseInspection Tip: But the structural stuff, roofs and gardens are items you should know before buying the house.

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