Saturday, November 6, 2010

Site selection and location on the Sun

One of the key aspects of site planning is choosing the most advantageous site for a particular function. Of course, a convenient location of the selected package is a boon for brokers, who usually emphasize the ease of accessibility. Very rarely, however, the topography is the most appropriate available where required. sufficient land is often another dilemma in the process of land acquisition. Rarely, a development may proceed without extensive sorting,an expected moderation of lots or acceptance of an undesirable near perfect.

Although the above is typical of some large-scale initiatives, the selection of a site similar means residential considerations. Of course, a very shaped plot is not appropriate for a ranch-type house or a two-story house easily adapted to flat ground. Similarly, the colonial-style structures, can not be imposed on the slopes.Far too many violations of the above remains, and the classification is necessary to change the country. walls Always keeping the signal, the imposition of a particular country to use the existing profiles of which could not accommodate without abrupt gradient differences. The extent of change over the earth, usually off-site drainage should be diverted to the imbalance of a natural ecosystem.

Assuming a suitable location is selected for aparticular architectural style, location of the structure to be determined. desired improvements and ramp access is usually the first priority. And, given the game away strongly in the direction of some rooms or architect assigns accordingly the space in the original project plan or a specific house "shot" for the rooms are designed to fit the desired exposure. A key determinant in the house of orientation, however, the position of the sun duringseasons.

If you prefer relatively dark hours of the morning, then bedrooms located in the northwest quadrant of the house, a north-east would provide much more light in summer. Variations in penetration of sunlight, of course, would be possible by shifting the structure of a true east-west axis.

The kitchen is directly affected by an east-west orientation. To the east, light breakfast time would be available. Maybeexposure to the sun late afternoon would be better prepared for dinner, and the location on the west side.

The southern exposure is ideal for the final lighting of the space more useful. family rooms and living rooms are normally part of this traditional part of the residence so oriented. Also remember that the summer sun is high in the sky like arches in the head, while assuming an azimuth lowest during the winter. Consequently, while overlooking the South to protect intensitysummer heat, which still allow the penetration of radiation heating during the coldest months.

Landscaping happy!

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