Sunday, November 14, 2010

Designing a garden wall and the Bank of combination

This article is about designing a garden, which is a combination of walls and a bank. The area of the backyard of a house is a perfect and sunny is the place where the sidewalk is located. To a certain shape and fishing the steps in front of the enlargement of the left side of the courtyard, it is essential to cut some of the dishes or a unit of square or rectangular paving. A fountain was installed in a formal pool.

Many seasonal shrubs cover the edges of theplants or other patio pots and containers can also be used to give a colorful description of the patio, with the introduction of annual activities in the vessels and tanks. In the gardens that has not been cut and was only based on existing terrain. This reduces the relative height of fences and walls literally close to filling up the doors to protect crops. However, you can use truss to compensate for the reduced height of the fence from the top. Remember, ifyou must add trellis fence on the border of the neighbors, for their permission.

Walls and the bank also support the central part of the terrace. The lawn is established in most of the area with the provision of space for shrubs and climbing plants along the outside. The headquarters is located in the position where you have enough sunlight and the two sides of the seats are planted with fragrant plants. Regarding the slope of the bank, should not be greater than 45 °straight, slightly less than 30 degrees is ideal. The heights of land play an important role in determining the steep.

To level the playing field at the bottom of the garden, low garden walls are there to support it. You will notice that the stable is sheltered from the general to see what is hidden behind the wall and some shrubs, most of them are evergreen, and covered the wall properly. This space can also be used to store the compost heapfar corner behind a screen fence.

The enclosure is used to compensate for the height of the fences used to shade the garden. So you should be very careful in the choice of plants for the garden, because there are species that grow in large quantities. You need a plant with limited growth and size. If you want the job of cutting the grass in the summer to avoid the best way is to sow wild flower meadow grass seed mix in the buttocks. To maintain easy accesscomposting area and the stable, and to provide a clean environment adjacent to your garden, you better walk along the outer edges of grass mowed regularly.

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